Art and Culture

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Art and Culture


India is the home of craftsmanship and culture where the landmarks – such as temples, mosques, forts, palaces, caves and churches – reflect the greatness of the period in which they originated.

Our Heritage and Culture Tour offers an extraordinary voyage through the landmarks of long ago, such as the Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

Indian art is among the most refined in the world and include carnatic music, Haritkatha performances and Indian cinema. Indian films, particularly those produced for the Hindi and Tamil markets, have become the biggest film enterprises in the world, after Hollywood.

Indian classical arts such as traditional music, traditional dance, theatre and dramatization have conventions and history going back many centuries.

Indian culture is rich and diverse, as the population in the nation is comprised of various religions, castes and creeds; they speak different languages; and appreciate distinctive culinary styles. Each state has a culture and customs of its own. The various climates and the differing topography also contribute to the assorted cultures of India.